Bumday Sunday!

Exercise #5: Stiff Legged Deadlift

This Bumday Sunday exercise is the traditional and well loved Stiff Legged Deadlift.
Deadlifts are great for working the back of the legs and buns! 
Here is how to perform Stiff Legged Deadlifts:

Starting Position

- begin by standing with feet shoulder width apart
- with arms extended, hold a barbell with your grip also shoulder width apart
- contract your abs to stabilize before beginning the movement

Secondary Position

- bending at the hip, lower the barbell towards the floor by sliding the barbell along your thighs
- the legs are to be held in a stiff stationary position but not locked at the knees
- keep the spine aligned throughout the movement, avoid raising the head or arching the back
- lower within a range of motion that allows proper spine alignment to be maintained while feeling a stretch in the hamstrings

Ending Position

- hinging at the hips, reverse the movement by contracting the glutes and hamstrings, sliding the barbell back up your thighs
- NOTE: do not use your lower back to power this exercise, engage your glutes to lift the weight
- avoid locking the knees overly straight or losing a stabilized torso throughout the exercise
- repeat the completed motion of lowering then raising the barbell for desired number of repetitions

This exercise can be altered to change the difficulty. If a beginner, start by lifting an empty barbell and concentrate on improving technique and flexibility. As strength and range of motion improves, this exercise can be made more difficult by continuing to increase the weight added to the barbell. Placing your toes on 2 small weight plates is another technique to increase the stretch in the calves and hamstrings. Dumbbells could also be used instead of a barbell.

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