We Make Washboards in the Kitchen!

If you want washboard abs, 
the kitchen should be your best friend!

Just because summer is ending that’s no excuse to start slacking on your fitness goals. It may even be the perfect time to shape up since the camping, barbecues and parties will fade with the warm weather.

One area of the body that everyone wants tip top is the abdomen. Who doesn’t want a tight, tiny waist or rippling 6 pack?! Despite what some advertisements might say, proper nutrition is predominately the secret to great abs. Body fat must be low to reveal the muscle under neath. So here are some tips for getting results!…

1) Keep it Clean! Nourishing your body with proper food won’t only make you healthier it will give you the results you’ve been looking for. Consistently eating 5-6 small healthy meals a day will rev your metabolism and melt that fat! Just what we need to get those abs showing! Generally, each meal should contain a lean meat (chicken, egg whites, white fish etc), a carbohydrate (veggies, fruit, oatmeal, brown rice etc), and heathy fats (from fish, olive oil, nuts, flax etc). A note on carbs, evil evil carbs (or not! haha) is to eat the right kinds at the right times. Oatmeal is slow burning and great fuel for the morning. Something like rice is good around a workout and veggies are great for the evening when activity decreases. Carbs are energy so consume them when you need a boost.

Always be prepared when it comes to food. Cook meals in advance and pack your cooler. Not being prepared creates an opportunity to grab an unhealthy snack on the run, which will quickly cause those tight abs to escape you.

Prepared for a weekend away -
my cooler was packed and ready to go!

2) Stay Hydrated! Drinking plenty of water everyday helps eliminate bloating and toxins from the body. Lack of water intake (especially if coupled with a high sodium diet) will result in a bloated appearance. The body retains water when consumption is low as a reserve waiting for the next dose! The more water in, the more water out! Staying hydrated helps create a tight look versus a smooth look from water retention. As well, most bodily systems require water to properly operate. If you want systems running efficiently, which includes your metabolism, then drink that water folks!

Take some kind of water jug with you everywhere!
Try adding lemons for a twist.
3) Get Moving! Although I said washboard abs are made in the kitchen, it does require some physical activity. Add fuel to your burning metabolism by getting active and doing cardiovascular exercise. Cardio will burn extra calories and increase fat loss. We also can’t ignore that the abdomen is a muscle just like all others and therefore requires exercise. Get tight and firm by performing a variety of ab exercises several times a week. Or make those abs pop by adding resistence/weight to the exercises. You don’t have to be nuts about it doing hundreds of crunches. Just be consistent with training and correct form and the exercises will do their job!

I hope those quick tips provided some insight for those looking to get tight ripped abs. That washboard stomach will elude you however if you fail to include all elements for success. So grab your water and cooler, shape that muscle and blast that fat to reveal the abs you’ve dreamt of! Besides, what else is there to do during the winter storms that lay ahead?! Might as well be in a warm kitchen, getting your 6 pack ready for next summer!

Ab shot was taken by Sergio's Photography