Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Stripper Heel

It seems like an odd pairing, fitness and stripper heels, yet the two are certainly related.
If planning to enter a fitness competition, it's imperative a competitor choose an 
appropriate clear heel (aka stripper heel) to wear while on stage.

It's probably fair to say that everyone has different taste in regards to what is appropriate for stage, and what is not. I'll discuss my Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Stripper Heel through this blog entry, based on personal preference and being a local judge. Read more to see what sites I've ordered heels from and which brands I prefer.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a pair of clear stage heels, but the main consideration should be ease of movement. A very high heel is sexy, elongates the leg and flexes the calves. All great benefits to towering in an extra high heel, but as mentioned already, the main thing to consider when choosing a heel is you're ability to move with ease. Although I love a 5" heel, all the benefits to wearing a very high heel will be completely lost if you're wobbling and hobbling around the stage. So my first Tip for Choosing the Appropriate Stripper Heel is:

Tip #1 - Always pick a heel height you can comfortably walk in.

Besides the height of the heel, there is also the height of the sole to consider. I must admit, I don't mind a platform on competition heels, and have tried several types myself. With that said, I am very particular about what passes as an acceptable platform. Visually I prefer flat on the ground, a sole with 3/4" height or a very maximum of 1 1/4" height. Most women can fit within those three platform heights depending on their physique and ability to walk well in heels. For example, a very tall women with long legs looks great in a flat sole with no platform at all. A women who has a long torso but short legs could balance those proportions with the higher platform. In general, however, I feel the 3/4" sole is most appropriate, adding a slight touch of height but not becoming distracting to the flow of the leg.

Be aware, some competitions have rules regarding platform height. Avoid the stress of the unknown, or even the possibility of being disqualified on competition day. Check the website of the show you are entering, or even email the promoter of the event for guidance. Rules are rules, better to know if restrictions exist before making a purchase. This brings us to the next tip for choosing an appropriate heel:

Tip #2 - Keep the rules and your proportions in mind when deciding on a heel platform height. Note: if the platform is so extreme you look like you've grown hooves, toss those suckers and invest in something less distracting.

A heel that has no platform.
The happy medium with a slight platform.
A heel with 1 1/4" platform sole.
The maximum sole height, IMO.
Yep, that qualifies as a hoof!

To strap or not to strap, a question often asked by new competitors. As an athlete, I always opt for having the ankle strap. It's one less element to worry about, especially when just starting out. As a judge, I truly have never noticed whether someone was wearing a strap or not. If you feel comfortable with a slip on heel, by all means go for it! It's really just a matter of taste and comfort, just make sure you will feel safe and secure while on stage with whatever type you decide on.

Tip #3 - Choose a style that feels safe and secure.

Something often overlooked and usually not known by new competitors is that come competition day, you're feet will likely have shrunk. I ordered my first pair of heels at my usual shoe size, just to discover they were too large by the end of prep. Now I always order a half size smaller to accommodate that change. As well, the plastic straps can stretch after hours (yes I said hours) of practice posing. Worried about being stuck with tight heels, you can always heat the plastic straps with a hair dryer. Heating the straps will make the plastic pliable and help you mould them to your feet.

Tip #4 - Order one half size smaller than you normally wear.

The above tips are just some basic things to keep in mind when shopping for your competition heel. As well, I would always choose a clear heel (not coloured in any way) with minimal to no rhinestone decorations. Also pay attention to the shape of the heel, sleek and slender is the way to go. The purpose of your show heels is to enhance your physique, not distract from it. Keep in mind, the judges are sitting below you at foot level, so it's very easy to draw their attention away from your rockin' bod with flashy, clunky, or hard-to-walk-in heels.

An example of a simple, classic heel -
3/4" sole, 5" heel, clear ankle strap and no rhinestone accents.

Now, where to purchase your stripper heels. Well, it only makes sense that stripper heels are sold at stores that cater to exotic dancers. If you live in a larger city that has a selection of fetish stores, by all means go try on different styles. This way you'll know immediately what is easy to walk in and  what size to buy. Maybe you're too shy to march into a shop that specializes in erotic attire, or maybe you live in a town that doesn't have what you're looking for. This is when you hit the world wide web. I've used in the past, and also to order my heels. While Snaz 75 has a larger selection and their site is easier to navigate, Cosplay Supplies is Canadian based. Ordering from Cosplay Supplies, if living in Canada, means no mystery fees (i.e. duty charges), no exchange rate and no worry about your order getting stuck at the border. For these reasons I recommend Cosplay Supplies over Snaz 75. Plus, it's always nice to support Canadian business when possible.

I've only ever used two brands for my stage heels, Pleaser and Ellie. I'm sad to report I've been very disappointed in my Pleaser heels. After one show my Pleaser heels began to fall apart, I even walked on stage with the cushioned insole lifting from the plastic outsole. So I crazy glued the lifted edge back down for the second show. I get home after that show to notice the insole is now lifting off in a different area. I will probably never order another Pleaser heel for this reason. My oldest stage heel would be the Ellie pair, which have been opposite to my experience with the Pleaser brand. I've had absolutely no issues with my Ellie heels, and if not for the tan stained insole, you would probably never know they've survived countless practice sessions.

My Pleaser heels after one show. The same thing has now
happened near the toe as well.

I hope my Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Stripper Heel were useful. If you find another amazing online shop for heels please let me know :) Happy Shopping ladies!



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