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How to Make Garlic Powder

The flavour of homemade Garlic Powder is far superior to
store bought versions. It's concentrated taste allows you to use less
and it's free of unhealthy preservatives.


- 4 large fresh garlic bulbs

- remove the papery skins from the garlic bulbs to reveal the fresh garlic cloves
- using a sharp knife, cut the cloves into thin slices
- lay the slices out onto the dehydrator trays
- place the dehydrator to the vegetable setting
- allow to dehydrate for 6-10 hours or until the slices become dry and brittle

(NOTE: you can also use an oven instead of a dehydrator. Place the slices on a fine wire cooling rack that is placed onto a baking sheet. Use the lowest heat setting on the oven and wedge the oven door open with a wooden spoon, to allow for heat to escape. The heat of ovens varies, so 6-10 hours should also suffice.)

- once fully dried and cooled, use a spice grinder (or coffee grinder) to finely grind up the garlic
- store in a glass jar and place in a cool dry place (not the refrigerator)

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