Food Friday!

Turkey Tomato Meat Balls

Sometimes a person can't help but crave pasta. Forget the Alfredo and opt for these
 slow cooked Turkey Tomato Meat BallsMake a large amount or personal portion, 
either way these meat ball will be soft and juicy while also being lower in fat!


- 1 package of extra lean ground turkey
- organic tomato sauce (look for brands lower in sugar/salt)
- oregano
- garlic powder
- pepper
- hot sauce (optional)
- 1/2 cup cooked whole wheat pasta (or try brown rice/quinoa)


- in a bowl, mix together the ground turkey with desired amounts of oregano, garlic powder and pepper
- roll the meat mixture into balls (normally I weigh out 1.5 ounce portions of meat before rolling, to know exactly how many to eat per serving. Note: re-check the weight after cooking in case it has decreased)
- heat pan on medium heat and spray with Pam or mist with olive oil
- fry the meat balls until browned and fully cooked, rolling them in the pan to help maintain their shape

- place the cooked meat balls into the slow cooker
- pour tomato sauce over the meat balls, until just covered with sauce. Feel free to add some hot sauce for a little kick!
- cook in the slow cooker on low heat for 2-4 hours
- serve immediately or pack for later
- great as a topper on brown rice, quinoa or whole wheat pasta!



  1. Looks tasty...I've been using ground turkey in chili and it tastes just as good as beef chili. I'd bet the same can be said about these a-tasty meat-a-balls (insert Italian accent).

    1. I agree, turkey tastes just as great as beef in chilli!