Bumday Sunday!

Exercise #6: Jump Lunges

This instalment of Bumday Sunday is the plyometric exercise Jump Lunges. Jump Lunges are
great for tightening the legs and buns, elevating heart rate, and improving explosive power.
You will definitely feel the burn!
Here is how to perform Jump Lunges:

Starting Position

- begin by standing in a wide stance with one foot forward and the other back
- assume the launching position by lowering yourself into a lunge. Be careful not to extend the knee out past the toe.

Launching Position

- using your arms to help power the movement, take a large leap straight up into the air

Leaping Position

- in mid air, switch the legs so the forward leg is now behind and the back leg is now forward
- softly land with the legs in an opposite stance from what you started with

Landing Position

- immediately lower yourself back into a lunge in preparation to leap from this opposite stance

Launching Position

- again, use your arms for aid as you leap into the air, once again switching the leg position mid air

Transitionary Position

- you will now land in the ending position, which you probably have noticed is the same stance as the starting position.
-  one repetition is completed when you have launched off each leg. Continue leaping until the desired number of repetitions is completed.

Ending Position

This exercise can be altered to change the difficulty. If a beginner, pause between each leap. As efficiency improves, continually decrease the amount of time you touch the floor to eventually relaunch immediately into the next leap. Another great adaptation of this exercise is to complete all repetitions on one leg before switching to the other. This adaptation means you wouldn't switch legs mid air, and instead would continually land in the same starting position.

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