Bumday Sunday!

Exercise #1: The Static Lunge

Why not kick off Bumday Sunday with one my all time favourite glute exercises, The Static Lunge! The lunge is a classic exercise, and like the saying goes, "If it isn't broke, don't fix it".
So lets get down to business, here is how to perform a Static Lunge:

Starting Position

- begin by taking a wide split stance, one leg forward and other leg backward
- slowly lower your torso, keeping an upright posture

Ending Position

- once your legs form a right angle, reverse the movement by pushing through the heel of your forward leg
- after returning to the Starting Position, simply lower your body again to complete another repetition
- be careful to protect both knees, don't allow the back knee to bang on the floor, and keep a wide enough stance to prevent the forward knee from projecting past the toes.

This exercise has many variations which can change the difficulty. If a beginner, try keeping the hands on the hips for stability. For added difficulty, hold dumbbells by each side increasing the weight over time. You can easily turn this Static Lunge into a Walking Lunge. The Walking Lunge can be performed just like the Static Lunge, but once returning to the starting position, take a step forward with the backward leg and repeat: step, lower, return, step, lower, return. Continue "walking" your way forward until the desired repetitions has been reached.



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