Testing My Commitment

Hello Friends! Are you sticking to your fitness goals over the Holiday Season? 

Added stress, endless parties and family dinners can make staying on track with your fitness goals difficult. This year is the first time I've been preparing for a fitness competition over Christmas. So far I've stood strong through multiple potlucks and a month of random treats being offered in what seems like every and any situation. Today is Christmas Eve, where my family enjoys homemade treats followed by a full breakfast on Christmas Day with an incredible dinner at night (side note, my Mother is an amazing cook and insists on making everything from scratch. This includes the bread which dressing is made from, the cranberry sauce and the perogies we also have at large dinners).

As I'm watching television with my family, I got thinking about the days that lay ahead. My ultimate food temptations, which happen to be associated with my fondest family memories, will be unavoidable this week. I'm curious to see how I'll feel during these family feasts. I have dieted over multiple Birthdays, Easters and Thanksgivings with a fair amount of ease. I have confidence I'll survive this Christmas just fine, but may have the occasional moment of feeling left out of the excitement and fun.

I'll obviously make efforts to avoid unnecessarily stepping off my nutrition plan, like timing my meals with the dinners so I'm eating while they are eating. I also find flavoured teas great for parties when friends are enjoying wine and cocktails. I'll keep you posted as to how I make out, and now that I'm sharing this with you I'll likely be even more dedicated. Accountable to myself and now to you as well!

I hope you also make efforts to stay healthy over the Holiday. Make your choices now before being faced with temptation. Whether it's controlled portion sizes, the number of desserts you try, or just doing something physical while on vacation, it's all up to you. Unlike the lady in the cartoon above, lets head into the New Year feeling accomplished instead of playing catch up!



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