For A Wonderful Mother

I arrived home very late Sunday night from my trip to Michigan (post coming soon!). I did get a chance to call from the airport to wish my Mom a Happy Mother's Day, but also planned to get her flowers once we seen each other again. Flowers seem like such an expected thing to give, but I know how much she loves having a fresh arrangement in house, and never treats herself to a bouquet. I don't actually think my Mom has a favourite flower, as I think she loves all plants equally, so I decided on one of my favs, Gerber Daisies. The Gerber Daisy is so perfect in it's simple elegance...great for a spring Thank You/Happy Mother's Day arrangement.

Why a Thank You arrangement as well? Well, my Mother has been such an incredible support to me over the years. And in a greater sense than just your average Mom way. My entire life, with every dream and ambition, my Mom has been completely behind me. She does anything and everything to help me achieve what I deem important. We have had countless conversations about the right approach to an idea, is it even a good idea, how will I fund these crazy ideas, peep talks when ideas seem to fall apart, and encouragement to move on to new ones. 

After my recent experience competing in Michigan, this Thank You bouquet was especially suiting. I was nervous and fearful of the "What If's" with this step in my competitive career. My Mom was in my heart the entire contest prep, encouraging me with positive thoughts and reminding me that anything can happen.

Mom. I love you and I thank you. You are an amazing woman, giving and loving. You are my best friend and I'm eternally grateful and proud to call you my Mother. Happy Mother's Day! <3



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