Bumday Sunday!

Exercise #4: Kick Backs

This Bumday Sunday exercise is great for the glutes! Kick Backs give great
isolation for the buns and you will definitely feel the burn!
Here is how to perform Kick Backs:

Starting Position

- begin on the floor on all fours, with arms shoulder width apart and knees together or slightly apart

Secondary Position

- one leg at a time, squeeze your glute to raise your leg from the floor up into the air, keeping your leg at a 90º angle
- ensure you are moving the leg in alignment with your body, not at an angle inwards or outwards
- squeeze hard for a moment at the top of the movement

Ending Position

- lower the leg back to the starting position and immediately reverse the movement, to again raise the leg
- continue the action of raising and lower each leg at a time until desired repetitions is complete (I normally perform within a 15-25 rep range).

This exercise can be altered to change the difficulty. For instance, the example above shows the leg bent at a 90º angle but you could also keep the leg straight or at any position in between.

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Photos by Sergio's Photography.



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