Top 5 Tuesday!

Top 5 Exercises for Developing the
Upper Back & Shoulders

Photo Credit
Our new Figure Olympia Champion, Erin Stern,
displaying a fantastic back pose.
Every competitive physique athlete strives to develop a wide upper back and full rounded delts, as the development of these muscles are staple elements in creating a "V" Taper. A "V" Taper, where broad shoulders and wide lats taper down to a narrow waist (creating a "V" shape), is the aesthetic ideal for figure, physique and fitness athletes, creates the illusion of a tiny waist rewarded amongst bikini athletes, and is an absolute necessary for bodybuilders. Not a bodybuilder? A strong upper back and shoulders is crucial for performance in many sports and will also improve the health of the shoulder joints. Try these Top 5 Exercises for Developing the Upper Back & Shoulders during your next workout!

Exercise #1 - Barbell High Pull from hang.

Exercise #2 - Power Snatch from hang.

Exercise #3 - Barbell hang Clean and Snatch.

Exercise #4 - Exercises for scapulor retractors, rhomboids and mid-low traps.

Exercise #5 - Deadlifts and Farmers Walks.

There are some great exercise videos and modifications of the Top 5 Exercises for Developing the Upper Back and Shoulders offered through Chris Schnare's blog. Chris is the Owner and Head Strength Coach of Synergy Training Center and works with me for Top 5 Tuesdays. He's even included a sample upper body workout, so be sure to check out his blog!



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