Top 5 Tuesday!

Top 5 Ways to Improve Training Efficiency

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As a spin off from last week's post, Top 5 Excuses for Avoiding Exercise, we'll address the Top 5 Ways to Improve Training Efficiency. We all have busy lives, which often lead to excuses for skipping on a workout. See improvements in your health and fitness all while saving time and avoiding common excuses for avoiding exercise:

#1 - Always have a plan.

#2 - Include your stretching directly into your workout.

#3 - Prepare your gym bag ahead of time.

#4 - Prepare food and supplements in advance.

#5 - Get your head right.

Every week Top 5 Tuesdays are done in conjunction with Chris Schnare, Owner and Head Strength Coach of Synergy Training Center. Check out Chris' blog for specific examples about implementing the Top 5 Ways to Improve Training Efficiency and keep seeing progress with these simple yet important tips.



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