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Top 5 Excuses for Avoiding Exercise
"It's too early", "I'll go tomorrow", "I'm too old". Sound familiar? Making excuses for avoiding exercise can easily become a habit, where we wash away the responsibilty to maintain our health and fitness by conjuring up silly excuses...and then convincing ourselves those excuses are valid. If we were honest with ourselves, most would probably agree our reasons often hold little merrit. Check out these Top 5 Excuses for Avoiding Exercise and see how to break past them! 

Excuse #1 - "I don't have time."

This is definitely the most common excuse I hear about why people don't exercise. We live very hectic lives these days, everyone is busy juggling work, children, spouses, hobbies. However, if something is important to us we tend to find the time. Maybe slightly adjusting your schedule will help, even exercising during lunch breaks can be the answer. Even if only 30 minutes, prioritize and schedule the time for your health. There are 1440 minutes in every day, you only need to reserve 30-45 of them for yourself!

Excuse #2 - "I never reach my goals."

Having started on a fitness program in the past and not reaching certain goals can certainly be discouraging. Often times, however, full committment and effort hasn't been given to a program to see motivating results. Give a program time to gain momentum before reconsidering your approach. Usually the hardest part can be getting that ball rolling. Be sure to set small attainable goals that lead to your ultimate fitness goal. Even consider reward incentives (like a new pair of sneakers) when you reach particular goals. For added encouragement, share your future fitness plans and any accomplishments with friends and family. This extra encouragement from those you care about will not only motivate yourself, it might even inspire them as well!

Excuse #3 - "I'm too tired."

Exercise will actually give you energy, so if you're often feeling washed out and tired, exercise might be the cure. Endorphins are released when we work out, a hormone which makes us feel good. If you have a busy work day you might consider exercising before work. Most people who work out in the morning find they become more alert and efficient throughout the day. I've even read before that those who dedicate time early in the day are most likely to stick to their plan of exercising. Sometimes, it's just a matter of getting started and any exhaustion from tiredness or stress will melt away.

Excuse #4 - "I can't afford a gym membership."

I also hear this excuse quite often as well. It's very important to realize that anyone can get fit and healthy without a gym membership. Endless workout routines can be done at home using your bodyweight, a few dumbbells, and/or resistance bands. You will probably have to get more creative and might even find committing time to exercise difficult while being at home surrounded by your "To Do" list. If you're feeling lost about at home routines, simply Google the topic. There are plenty of sites directed at inspiring people who exercise at home (a very popular site is BodyRock). Getting distracted while in your house? Take it outside! Try going to a park to do your regular routine. Switching up your surroundings can do wonders!

Excuse #5 - "It's so boring!"

Don't enjoy lifting weights or being stuck on some piece of cardio equipment for what feels like an eternity? No worries, getting exercise is getting exercise! Mix things up with different group classes, go for bike rides, hiking, swimming, boxing, dancing...the options are endless. The most important part is that you get moving. The activity doesn't matter in the least, different activities attract different people. So find something you enjoy and stick with it!

It's easy to make excuses to avoid exercise, and we all do it from time to time. Sometimes dedicated individuals get bored of a long unchanging routine, or someone just starting back after a long break feels overwhelmed by the "task" at hand, or a person just getting introduced to physical activity can feel intimidated by a new environment. Despite the reason for making the excuse, it's important to recognize an unnecessary excuse from a legitimate one, so exercise can become a habit. Find an approach that works for you and allows you to be consistent. Drop the excuses now and take the steps to finding your better health!



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