Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Reasons to Shorten your Cardio Sessions

We've all done it at one time or another, or maybe we are still doing it..."it" being endless hours of cardiovascular exercise. Whether looking to get lean or improve cardiovascular health, it's not uncommon for people to become a slave to gym cardio equipment. Long steady state cardio sessions are not only time consuming, but often quickly become a boring method of training. This week's Top 5 Tuesday lists the Top 5 Reasons to Shorten your Cardio Sessions. So break away from long mundane cardio exercise and reap the benefits of training smarter!

Incorporate short intense cardiovascular exercise into your training program for the following five reasons:

Reason #1 - Improved Hormonal Effects.
Reason #2 - Save Time.
Reason #3 - Be the Tough "Guy".
Reason #4 - Improve Multiple Energy Systems, at once!
Reason #5 - Increase Metabolism, for longer!

For Top 5 Tuesdays I'm working with Chris Schnare, Owner and Head Strength Coach of Synergy Training Center. Want to learn more? Be sure to check out Chris' blog for great explanations about his top five reasons to do short cardio sessions. Get the cardio cure folks!



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