Serendipity to the rescue!

Over the years I had accumulated a rather large collection of water bottles; the classic Nalgene bottles, stainless steel bottles in every size, and the odd Tupperware bottle. Suddenly I found myself without a single bottle, besides the lone plastic Tupperware bottle that had been around for eons. Between losing lids, throwing them out because they were old, or forgetting them places my collection had whittled down to nothing. Being a fitness gal, this was a major problem. I need water and must have it with me everywhere I go.

So I set off to find a brand new bottle, which proved to be a challenge. I looked at every store in town and also asked peeps on my Facebook page what they recommended. Maybe I'm just too picky but my water bottle is something I'll use countless times a day, so it must be perfect. I'm not a fan of plastic, I don't like large openings (I'm a spilly drinker), I'm not a child and don't want a sippy spout, and it needs to fit in my purse. I searched and searched...for a couple months.

Then finally! By complete accident I stumbled upon the perfect little bottle while grocery shopping at Superstore. I was likely drawn into the housewares section by something glittery and sparkly, often a mistake leading to unnecessary purchases. But today I couldn't be more excited about being lured away from my grocery shopping, happening to glance down looking for more fun unnecessary things. Tucked on the bottom shelf was this glass water bottle, which holds 600ml, has the perfect top on it, and goes in the dishwasher. My only worry is dropping the glass bottle and breaking it, but until that day I will happily drink my water from this serendipitous find. 



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