Food Friday!

Orange Cranberry Yogurt Parfait

It's always nice to have a treat on the weekends. Try this Orange Cranberry Yogurt Parfait 
for breakfast or as dessert, it's the perfect combination of citrus and sweet!


- 1 small orange
- 1 tbsp dried unsweetened cranberries
- 1 tbsp unsalted chopped walnuts
- 3/4 cup of plain Greek yogurt
- 1/3 cup dried oats
- stevia


- in a small dish, sprinkle Greek yogurt with stevia until it has reached desired sweetness. Set aside.
- using a sharp knife, remove the skins and pith from the orange. Cut into bit sized chunks. Set aside.
- spoon a small amount of yogurt into the bottom of a glass dish with a large opening
- begin layering the ingredients on top of the small amount of yogurt already in the bottom:
          - spoon roughly half the total amount of oats evenly into the bottom of the glass dish
          - layer half the total amount of orange chunks
          - add 1/2 tbsp of walnuts and 1/2 tbsp of cranberries
          - cover with the remaining yogurt
          - sprinkle the remaining oats on top of the yogurt
          - top with the remaining orange chunks, walnuts and cranberries
- grab a spoon and enjoy!



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