Becoming a DYNAMIS Girl!

On March 7 2011, I proudly became a DYNAMIS Girl,
winning the Search for the Next Dynamis Girl Contest!

Throughout the month of February 2011, DYNAMIS Fitness & Lifestyle Inc. hosted an online search looking for a new girl to join their current Dynamis ladies. There were over 60 entries and the competition was fierce!

Posted with this entry is the photo I submitted for the contest. I also had to submit a short bio and my contest history, which was going to be considered along with my online votes. After weeks of recruiting online votes through Facebook,...
I managed to finish the contest with the most votes, over 400! It was a ton of work getting those votes, not gonna lie! Facebook can be “information overload” and my posts were being lost in my friend’s info feeds. So! It was more effective to directly ask each person individually for their vote. Hours were spent sending messages!

Once voting closed the Dynamis team, along with sponsors of the contest, considered the other information submitted and decided I was a good choice as their new Dynamis Girl! I’m still super excited about being chosen and am proud to represent a Canadian supplement company that believes in providing quality products to athletes.

I was surprised at how eager my friends were to support my efforts with this contest and I will be forever grateful to everyone who helped me win. I’d also like to thank Dynamis for seeing potential in me and choosing me as the winner. I’m excited to see what the future holds!!



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