Adventures with Ava!

In July 2011, IFBB Figure Pro Ava Cowan
came to Atlantic Canada!

It was a pleasure having Ava Cowan join us in Atlantic Canada during Prince Edward Island’s Summerside Fitness Festival. Ava is a top IFBB Professional athlete in serious contention of winning this year’s Olympia Figure title, only the most prestigious title in the world of bodybuilding. She has been on over 20 magazine covers and has thousands of social media followers. Needless to say, she’s kinda a big deal! ;)...

Despite this event being Ava’s first of its type she did a fantastic job. Topics included nutrition, supplements, Ava’s personal journey, a posing seminar and of course time in the gym! Ava is highly educated about sport nutrition and it was very interesting to hear her opinions on contest prep. Baked Lays! Yes please!!

It’s easy to look upon successful people and forget that not everyone has always lived a life full of such successes. Ava shared the hardships of her past, an emotional story that captured everyone’s hearts. It immediately became clear that Ava was a fighter in every sense of the word not only as an athlete. Fierce dedication and determination flow through her blood, propelling her to accomplish her dreams. I strongly admire Ava as a person, an athlete and particularly as a business woman. She has created a standard of value for herself that will undoubtably continue to rise.

Ava’s current goal is to win a Pro show before heading to the 2011 Olympia in September. She competes this weekend in Dallas in hopes of capturing the title. I wish her the best of luck!

From left to right:

Myself, Corey Arsenault (organizer of the event), Ava Cowan, 

Garry Bartlett (NBPFA President), Rachel Vienneau-Leblanc (IFBB Figure Pro)



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