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Blueberry (Contest Prep Friendly) Pancakes

Anyone who has dieted knows food can quickly become boring. Sometimes thinking outside the box is all it takes to make things interesting again! These Blueberry (Contest Prep Friendly) Pancakes are the result of a little experimentation. This Food Friday recipe gets the check of approval for someone preparing for a bodybuilding show, or someone looking to keep their nutrition plan tight. 


- 4 large eggs (using the whites only)
- 1/3 cup dry quick oats
- Stevia
- cinnamon
- 1 cup frozen blueberries


- preheat cooking pan and prepare with a non-stick spray
- in a small dish, separate the yolks from the eggs, leaving only the whites. Be sure to remove any shells
- pour the egg whites into the cup of a Magic Bullet or Blender
- add the dry quick oats
- add the desired amount of Stevia and cinnamon (I just shake it in the cup, but would estimate 1 tbsp of baking Stevia and 1/2 tsp cinnamon)
- blend on high until the oats break down and the egg whites become bubbly
- pour several portions of the mixture onto the hot cooking pan

- while the pancakes begin to cook, heat the blueberries in a microwave safe glass dish for approximately 1 minute 20 seconds. As the frozen berries are heated they will release juice. NOTE: you could also heat the berries on the stove in a pot.

- flip the pancakes once several small bubbles form in the mixture, and when the edges appear dry
- cook for only a short period of time once flipped
- stack warm pancakes on a plate and spoon warm berries and juice between the layers and on top

If not on a specific nutrition plan, you could even top each pancake with a spoonful of Whipped Coconut Cream. Chill to firm the icing or enjoy it soft like whipped cream. Just remember! The Whipped Coconut Cream will melt on the warm berries…but maybe that's not such a bad thing!

- makes approximately 7 mini pancakes or 2 regular sized pancakes

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