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Top 5 Tips to Fix Your Shoulders

Shoulder problems are a common issue amongst active individuals. Problems can range from discomfort to chronic pain and often include mobility restriction. The Top 5 Tips to Fix Your Shoulders will help reduce and eliminate any pain within and around the shoulder joint, in addition to increasing flexibility. I've personally suffered from an irritated shoulder and find implementing these tips has greatly improved any issues, decreasing aching pain and even allowing for better workouts. 

Check out the Top 5 Tips to Fix Your Shoulders!

Exercise #1 - Include Plenty of Soft Tissue Work
Exercise #2 - Include Activation Work
Exercise #3 - Maintain Proper Shoulder Placement
Exercise #4 - Include Mobility Movements
Exercise #5 - Maintain Proper Posture on a Daily Basis

Include these tips in your daily routine to quickly see improvements in any shoulder problems. Some of the tips are somewhat common sense (are you hunched over your computer reading this?) but a friendly reminder about simple approaches to bettering our health can still be helpful. Sometimes keeping it simple is most effective.

We work with Chris Schnare, Owner and Head Strength Coach of Synergy Training Center, for Top 5 Tuesdays. Be sure to check out Chris' blog for coaching tips and photos for each of the Top 5 Tips to Fix Your Shoulders



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