Top 5 Tuesday!

Top 5 Exercises for Combat Athletes

I may not have personal combat experience, but I'm certainly no stranger to the world of a combat athlete. My better half, Mike, has around 10 years fighting experience in multiple disciplines, including MMA, Jiu Jitsu, kick boxing, and Kung Fu. In some ways, a combat athlete prepares for a fight similar to a bodybuilder; following a particular nutrition plan, early morning cardio workouts and additional strength and conditioning sessions in the afternoon. By contrast, a combat athlete must also perfect ground and stand-up techniques, prepare mentally to positively manage the emotions of fight day and spend months or even years turning the body into a machine that will perform under immense physical and emotional stress. 

This week, Top 5 Tuesday will reveal the Top 5 Exercises for Combat Athletes. These exercises are designed to enhance athletic performance for the athlete, including improved strength and explosiveness.

Check out these Top 5 Exercises for Combat Athletes, which are also great exercises for anyone looking to increase strength!

Exercise #1 - Trap Bar Deadlift
Exercise #2 - Rope Climbs
Exercise #3 - Hammer Slams
Exercise #4 - Lateral Bounding/Heidens
Exercise #5 - Tire Flips

Every week Top 5 Tuesdays are done in conjunction with Chris Schnare, Owner and Head Strength Coach of Synergy Training Center. Check out Chris' blog for coaching tips, technique explanations and even videos for each of the Top 5 Exercises for Combat Athletes.



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