Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Reasons to Lift Heavy

What are my current fitness goals? To grow!! I would describe myself as being a "hard gainer", 
where putting on muscle mass is something I struggle with. So to get those nicely rounded delts and full quads I'm dreaming of, I've changed my training program to freshen up my workouts, increase motivation and shock my system. Creating these changes in size will take more than dreaming, it's going to take lifting some serious weight...lifting WAY more weight then I have in the past. Scary but I'm ready to jump in head first!

For Top 5 Tuesdays I'm working with Chris Schnare, Owner and Head Strength Coach of Synergy Training Center. To launch Top 5 Tuesdays, we'll discuss how to increase muscle mass with the Top 5 Reasons to Lift Heavy, all of which are approaches we have implemented into my training program.

Reason #1 - Increase neuromuscular recruitment.
Reason #2 - Stimulate larger amounts of muscle tissue with heavy compound exercises.
Reason #3 - Increasing your strength on one exercise will in turn increase strength on other exercises.
Reason #4 - Create a strong post-activation potential on subsequent exercises.
Reason #5 - Hello! Lifting heavy makes you feel like a super hero!

See Chris' blog for detailed descriptions of his top five reasons to include heavy lifting into your muscle building program. He's even included an effective upper body workout! Great info - check it out!



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