Food Friday!

Mini Poached Egg Omelettes

Mmmm eggs! The best of two breakfast worlds, it's a combination of a poached egg 
and a veggie omelette with these Mini Poached Egg Omelettes. Simple to make and fun to eat, even great to cook for guests if hosting Sunday breakfast.


- 3 eggs
- mushrooms
- red, orange and yellow peppers
- fat free shredded cheese (optional)
- pepper
- 1 piece of Ezekiel bread


- in a bowl, whisk together the 3 egg whites plus 1 yolk. Set aside
- chop the mushrooms and peppers. Set aside

- prep poacher by filling with water and bringing it to a boil, with the cups in and the lid on. 
- once the poacher is ready, remove the lid and quickly pour the eggs into the cups until 3/4 full. Replace lid.
- get the chopped veggies and remove the lid, quickly sprinkle the veggies into each cup. Replace the lid
- get the shredded cheese and remove the lid, quickly and sparingly sprinkle the cheese into each cup. Shake pepper on top. Replace the lid

- allow eggs to cook for approximately 10 minutes. Check that the centers are cooked by separating the egg with a knife. If still liquid inside allow the eggs to cook longer.
- once cooked remove the cups from the poacher, and flip out the eggs

- toast the bread while the eggs slightly cool
- once the toast pops, eat it up!



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