The Recipe!

I'm often asked what my nutrition plan consists of; what is the recipe to creating a tight toned body? Well there is no secret method, pill or shake! Results come from consistency...consistency that has been implemented for weeks. It will take time and patience but I promise, your best body will be revealed if you stay committed.

There are endless methods and techniques to creating a lean fit body. Every individual should have a plan designed for their specific needs. I follow a pretty basic approach to nutrition when looking to tighten up. Although very simplified, my plan would look something like this:

Morning fasted cardio (30-45 min)

9:00 am - eggs whites, berries, oatmeal
12:00 noon - lean protein, brown rice
3:00 pm - lean protein, green veggies, sweet potato
6:00 pm - lean protein, salad, avocado
9:00 pm - protein shake, raw veggie sticks, flax

This approach to fat loss/lean muscle maintenance keeps the body fueled at a constant level all day, hence the timed mini-meals. The constant fuel will put your metabolism into overdrive. The importance of water can not be stressed enough! In addition to flushing toxins and bloating, water is required for all bodily functions to properly operate so clearly it plays a significant role in reaching fitness goals. The better your body operates, the better you feel, the better you train, the better your results!

To help reduce body fat I normally perform fasted cardio in the morning. I like to take a "fat burner" as well to aid fat loss. Just remember, there is no magic pill so your nutrition and training program need to be in check...we're just looking for that extra boost! In the evenings I weight train, preferring to keep my resistance training separate from my cardio workout. For the purposes of achieving a tight toned physique I usually perform circuits and plyometrics to keep an elevated heart rate. An intense plyometric session will definitely have you sweating and burning fat!

So in a nutshell, that is how I tighten and tone my body. It's the sum of all parts: nutrition, cardio, weight training! Despite which method or approach you use, all will require full commitment. Stick with it, be patient, be consistent. The results are waiting on you!

Photograph courtesy of Mark Bradfield



  1. Hi,

    My diet is very clean I get all my protein and carbs in at the right time. I'm also taking a fat burner at the moment.

    Please tell me if my training is good or bad?
    My training:
    Monday: Full upperbody
    Tuesday: Spinning 45min
    Wednesday: Legs
    Thursday: Spinning 45min
    Friday: Full upperbody
    Saturday: Spinning 45min

    And monday I start with legs. Do you think I will get nicely cut and burn fat this way of training? I only started this way of training a week and a half ago but will train this way forever.

    Thank you

    1. Hey Melissa,

      If your goal is to get lean I'd consider adding more cardio. That plan is only 3 cardio sessions a week, where you might want to do 5 days. Don't eliminate any weight training, just add a bit of extra cardio at the end of your weight sessions. Try short 20 minute sessions and increase from there if you plateau. The current 3 spinning classes should ideally be done in the morning while still fasted, before eating breakfast. I'd recommend mixing up the type/intensity of cardio as well, elliptical, running, biking, HIIT, stairs, etc. Here is a great option for outdoor cardio:

      The importance of nutrition can't go without saying. If you aren't consuming plenty of water and clean eats progress will significantly be stalled. If you already have this in check then try altering your training schedule a bit.

      It's been a few weeks, how is this approach working for you so far?