Fit Tip!

Drink Tea to Curb Cravings!

As you've probably noticed from my Food Friday recipes, I love treats! I guess you could say I have a sweet tooth. Most of the day will pass without a hitch, but it's at night that I want to indulge in cake, pastries, and pie. My favourite way to rid those sweet cravings, without giving in of course, is to drink tea. For me, it can't be a regular tasting tea like earl grey or green, but it must be a fun tea! Some of my favourites are blueberry, raspberry, sweet orange and licorice. Next time you are struggling not to eat a world of treats, give tea a try! Often times it's enough to distract you until the craving passes!

Here is my favourite variety pack of tea. It's by Celestial Seasonings and has smaller packets inside with several of each type included. The flavours are stronger, which is something I really like. The types included are raspberry, peach, wild berry, blackcherry and blueberry.



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