New Studio!

Behind the Scenes

What an adventure deciding to relocate my business has been! Adventure is probably an understatement. There has been emotions of excitement, frustration, pride and a sense of being totally over my head all rolled into one. Despite the roller coaster of renovating the new space, I'm happy I decided to take this leap of faith and expand.

Every single wall had been painted brown. Anyone who knows me and the importance I put on brand cohesiveness, knows brown would be a no go. Task number 1, paint every wall white or the blue I use with JW Couture. I invested in the best paint/primer combo but despite this it still took 4 coats to cover the previous colour. I was at the end of my painting patience, let me tell you. There was even a wall with wood textured wallpaper on it. That took 2 people 4 hours to remove.

The main wall in the foyer after the wallpaper had been removed.
Next task was to get the long wall of posing mirrors installed. This also had it's challenges, as I got the run around from a company who was supposed to take care of the job. Needless to say, sometimes a young gal just has to get her father involved to be taken seriously. After struggling to communicate and form an agreement with the company for 7 weeks, my Dad had everything solved (for half the price) and on the walls in about a week. The mirrors are incredibly beautiful and the posing studio is easily the highlight of the space. 

Giving the posing room a fresh coat of paint.
The monumental moment of getting the mirrors installed.
Part of creating the right space meant incorporating items that have meaning to me. Some of these items were family heirlooms and also pieces that would be built from scratch or refinished. It's these pieces that make my studio so welcoming and full of positive energy. My entire family has given endlessly to helping me establish this expansion, and I'm forever grateful to them. I look around the space and smile, knowing how much love I'm surrounded by. Here's some pics of just a few pieces, some I haven't photographed to keep close to my heart. 

This little devil of a chair I had kept for years in my shed. It's structure and shape
were great so I always planned to recover it. This chair had it's high and low moments, but
turned out wonderful once finished. 
Bring on the leopard! ;) Shown in progress of recovering. Huge thanks to my parents for
helping pull out hundred of old staples and then setting in hundreds of new ones.
An old chaise lounge that was at my Grandmother's house. After fresh black stain on
the wood we covered the chair with new foam and faux suede. 
Hope you found this behind the scenes interesting. It's been a really exciting time but I wanted to share some of what went into this move. Renovations began in mid November and continued straight until February. Working with limited resources and doing everything without hired help contributed to the extended time frame. However, all was necessary and only makes me more proud and content with the such a wonderful work space. Thank you to everyone who helped make this dream a reality.



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