Holiday Wrap Up!

I suppose it's time to check-in since the Testing My Commitment post. The month of December was more than full of temptation…multiple pot lucks, 2 Christmas breakfasts, 2 Christmas dinners, a few get togethers and endless homemade cookies, squares, cakes, pies, candy. You get the idea, I'm sure your holiday sounds very similar.

I do have a minor confession, I did have a small treat, a single homemade perogy. I made the decision not while craving or while feeling ultimately tested, it wasn't made in a moment of weakness as I could have easily not eaten it at that moment. I consciously decided to eat my regular scheduled meals during the entire holiday and to eat that single perogy early into my family visits. There would be no room for slip ups and I also didn't want to be missing meals because of travelling. I stuck to my plan and survived all the temptation surrounding me. Did I want to join in, of course! Who doesn't want to celebrate Christmas with family traditions?!

The moment of truth - the day I'm scheduled to weigh myself...

I was happy to discover I lost 1.5lbs over the week, actually breaking a bit of a plateau I had hit in my progress. :D My competition is now quickly approaching and will be here in a flash. But let me tell you, that perogy was worth every single delicious bite! A little taste of homemade goodness that will carry me through to the end. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready to move forward with your personal fitness goals. To 2014!



  1. (I tried to comment earlier today but I think it disappeared. I just hope it doesn't come up twise)
    First of all Happy New Year Jaclyn.
    My Christmas holiday were exactly as you described it, with temptations on every corner. And since I don't have a strict meal plan, I ate what I wanted haha.
    Don't feel bad for eating that perogy. We all need some mentally treatment sometimes :)
    When is your next competition?
    Wish you all the best for 2014 :D

    1. Thanks for the message! My next show is February 1st :) Very quickly approaching! Glad you enjoyed your holiday, like you said it can be needed at times.