Get Organized!

Downloadable Calendar to help keep you organized!

Wow, life can get busy at times! I'm working full time hours as a Fashion Instructor, running my own business Jaclyn Wilson Couture, am the President of the Fredericton Fashion Council, and prepping for another competition. When my schedule gets hectic, organization is what keeps my head above water. Friends have often said I must like to be busy because I'm always picking up extra work. I suppose they might be right, if there isn't something to do I feel lazy and useless. But when my schedule starts to feel overwhelming I always print off a monthly calendar to track deadlines. It can't be on my phone, it can't be a weekly agenda…it must be a monthly calendar. When I can see a complete view of my life that's when I feel calm, productive and ready to conquer! Then I can create a schedule and must stick to it.

I decided to make my own calendar this time, with a short inspirational quote at the bottom of each month. I've attached the first 6 months of the year, from January to June as a downloadable file. I thought maybe you would like to print it out as well!

Hover your mouse over the preview below and then click the save button that appears on the top right. Mine automatically saved into the Downloads folder on my computer. The previews appear a bit fuzzy but it printed out perfectly on regular letter size paper. Hope you find this useful!



  1. I loved finding your blog & reading your posts, so I've nominated & tagged you for the Liebster award!
    The questions & rules are on my blog if your interested! xo