New Year, New Goals!

As one year ends and another begins, it is a natural time to reflect on previous months and in turn make new goals for the months to come. Health and fitness goals are usually on the top of most of our lists. Where did we begin the previous year, what were our goals at that time, did we make the steps to achieve those goals? Although we might also reflect on accomplishments, it is inevitable to reconsider unachieved aspirations and contemplate how to check them off the bucket list. Possibly from the overindulgence of the Holiday Season, the New Year is when most people become refreshed and remotivated about personal fitness. I'm sure health clubs can attest to the fact that January is their busiest enrolment period during the year.

It isn't easy to suddenly delve into fitness, nor is it easy to maintain the lifestyle. I've been considering new avenues of use for my blog and thought I probably have similar goals to many other ladies out there. To have a better butt!

Beginning in January I'll be launching a new element to my blog, called Bumday Sunday. On a Sunday, once a month, I'll be posting one of my favourite glute exercises for the entire year. All of the exercises have the possibility of being done at home, meaning they don't require any large gym equipment. Through these monthly posts, I hope to share exercise ideas with those looking for tips and help with motivation as there will be a different post every few weeks.

I'd love to have you follow along, try these exercises and join me in this goal to build a better butt! And like the quote above says, little by little a little becomes a lot!



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