It's Been Too Long!

Hey FitFam! I've seriously been MIA from my blog lately. Missing you guys!

It all started with my laptop failure. After several water spills, 2 hard drive replacements and multiple drops my Mac finally kicked the bucket. The bag of rice trick has saved it many times before, but unfortunately, not this time. I thought, "No problem, I can survive using my phone!". Have you ever tried to create a blog post from a phone?! What a nightmare, I must say. The layout was never correct and it's difficult to write any amount of text from a phone.

So! Enough with the excuses. ;) I'll probably be doing a few "catch-up" posts about what I've been up to, for those interested. I'll also be starting to make posts as I prepare for my next competition, IFBB Legends Pro Bikini Classic on February 1st 2014 in Las Vegas! Hope to have you follow along!



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