Food Friday!

Turkey & Veggie Medley

Our rainy weather has me craving hot food. Nothing better to feel cozy and satisfied 
then this Turkey & Veggie Medley. Homemade Turkey meat balls with fried veggies and rice 
are sure to lift spirits during the damp summer days.


- 4 ounces of ground turkey
- 1/2 a small zucchini 
- 2 large white mushrooms
- 1/4 red bell pepper
- 1/4 yellow bell pepper
- 1/2 cup brown rice
- 1 egg white
- Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb
- chilli powder
- pepper
- olive oil


- cook brown rice according to the directions on the box/bag. Set aside.
- using a sharp knife, chop the zucchini, mushrooms, red and yellow peppers. Set aside.

- place ground turkey in a medium size bowl. Using your hands mix the uncooked ground turkey
with the egg whites
- shake desired amount of Mrs. Dash, chilli powder and pepper onto the uncooked meat. Mix well.

- on medium heat, warm a small amount of olive oil in a pan
- form the turkey into meat balls by rolling the mixture in your hands. Should make approximately
4 meat balls, roughly 1 inch in diameter
- place the meat balls into the hot pan. Roll them in the pan frequently to help maintain a round shape
- cook for approximately 15 minutes

- when the meat balls are cooked and are browned on the outside, toss the chopped veggies in the pan
- add the already prepared rice to the pan, seasoning as desired
- continue cooking until the veggies begin to brown but still remain firm when pierced with a fork
- remove from heat and serve warm



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