All With A Broken Heel

On April 23 2011, something extraordinary happened...
I became an IFBB Pro!

At the 2011 CBBF Canadian Natural National Championships in Laval Quebec, I was honored with the title of Bikini Short Champion, Bikini Overall Champion and I also received the coveted IFBB Pro Card. The IFBB stands for International Federation of Bodybuilding, which was established in 1949 and are associated with 182 National Federations. On April 23rd, I joined this professional league and became the 5th Canadian in the Bikini division! ...Wow! It really kinda hit me just now when I typed that. It’s felt so surreal, but every now and again I’ll feel the magnitude of receiving such a title.

So! It was a relaxing weekend for the most part. Unlike my experience at Nationals last summer where everything and anything went wrong. What a relief to just enjoy the experience! The only major problem was while backstage for preliminaries I could swear something was wrong with my heel! It felt loose, but when I checked it all seemed a go. I got through prejudging and was about to line-up for Bikini Short class and finally discovered the problem! The entire body of the shoe was lifting off the sole at the back! Just great! Way to rev up the nerves before stepping on stage! haha I was lucky to receive first place for Bikini Short, but that meant I was needed for the overall...all I could think about was my heel! I just prayed it wouldn’t give out on me. Falling on your face during an overall, not my idea of a good time! Turns out the heel must not have affected my stage presence, as the CBBF awarded me the overall title and I became an IFBB Professional.

I have been competing for years, and have experienced some great achievements. Every one of those achievements, whether small or large, has a special place in my heart. They are successes I am proud of and look back on as fond memories. Receiving my IFBB Pro card however, is in a league of it’s own! I’ve followed the Pro athletes since my beginning in the sport and always admired their incredible physiques, obvious dedication and also the elite status they were able to obtain. Despite having had time to reflect on my weekend in Laval, I still find it hard to understand that I’m now part of that elite league I’ve idolized for so long.

From here...I can only hope to make fellow Canadians proud when I compete with the IFBB. The competition will be fierce and my work has really just begun. I plan to take it step by step...but lets hope every step isn’t taken with a broken heel!! ;) 

I can't express how thankful I am for the support from my loved ones and sponsors. Particularly, my bf Mike who rearranges his life to help me compete!



  1. Haha great story Jaclyn :) And great job winning the title when your thoughts were 100% on your heels.
    Have you been more focused on checking your heels before entering stage after that incident?

    1. Oh you know it! Not just before entering the stage, but for weeks leading up to the show ;) lol