All These "Firsts"!

Reflecting on first time experiences

In line backstage before my first bikini/model competition.
All ready for theme wear round!
Being involved in the fitness and competition scene allows me to meet plenty of people all with different goals and ambitions. First steps and new experiences are not just reserved for rookies, as life will always throw curve balls and open unexpected doors. 

I’ve recently noticed all the “firsts” that friends have been experiencing. The CBBF National competition season just ended where...

...lots of local athletes made their debut, our provincial show is just around the corner which again has plenty of newbies taking to the stage. Then there are a few “firsts” that are closer to home: my bf had his first MMA fight and I need to decide on a Pro debut.

I find some things never change about new experiences. I’m always excited but very nervous as well. Everyone wants to fit in, look like they know their stuff and not stand out as being the new kid in town. As I’ve watched everyone taking brave steps towards their goals I can’t help but reflect on that same step I once took. My first National show wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. But just because something is chaotic and falling apart at the seams doesn’t mean the experience isn’t worth the stress or won’t result in something to be proud of. Here is the story of my National debut: 

Doing some finishing touches before stepping
on the National stage for my first time.
So many random things happened over the weekend of the 2010 CBBF National Bikini Championships! First, my boyfriend Mike and I were ready for our flight at 4:30am. The baggage is in the trunk of his brand new car. We are proud of ourselves for being on time for once, but go to get in the car and WHAT?! The doors are locked! How is this possible when the keys are in the ignition and it's running?? In a massive panic we call every 24 hour locksmith in the city and conveniently no one will help us before regular business hours. We feel desperate and try to break the window out of Mike's new car...nothing. Just then our voice of reason, Angela Carson, pulls in the driveway. She is taking the same flight and suggests I just head to the airport anyway. We leave Mike behind, get to the terminal for them to say we missed the flight. Well, not really because they let us on anyway. There I am flying to my first National show without my support system Mike, without a suit, shoes, meals...anything at all! We arrive in Toronto and head straight for a grocery store, who won't make my food for me. Not a problem! The hotel will have a microwave...or not. Since it was the host hotel, all microwaves were taken. Luckily the kitchen boiled my turkey and cooked my potatoes. By now I was so stressed and needed a nap.

I happily awoke to Mike arriving with all our luggage and my cooler of meals. Feeling relieved, I head to registration where someone had Dream Tan for me to purchase. Well her bag of products went missing and there I was, with no tan. Thankfully another competitor gave me her extra tub. For the most part the rest of the trip went well, until we were coming home. We missed the shuttle to the airport by seconds, and had to wait an extra 20 minutes. No big deal until I try to check in my luggage and the lady says "Your flight is leaving in 10 minutes and you're not getting on it". I reassure her we are 2 hours early and we aren't on that flight. She then reassures me it's the last flight of the night. Just GREAT! We book a new flight, which costs $400 and an extra 11 hours. Let me just say, it's kinda uncomfortable sleeping on the airport floor. We are so relieved when we finally land and are almost home. We look terrible, feel terrible and just want to sleep. We happily get in the new car that still has a window only to be pulled over by the cops for speeding. It had become so ridiculous that we had to laugh. We get home without a ticket and crash for the rest of the day.

So that's the story of my National debut, a first time experience that definitely had its speed bumps. I wish you luck with your own “firsts” and hope you enjoy them despite any mishaps. Don’t be too hard on yourself, sometimes part of the journey is being that new kid in town.

While pumping up backstage at Nationals, I remember thinking
"Holy crap everyone looks SO good!" By my face in this pic, it's possible
that is what was on my mind! ;)



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